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Your artwork is gorgeous! I especially love your paintings that celebrate the colors, variety and awe-inspiring beauty of nature.

Also your work looks wonderful! You have been very busy. Again, hope you all are safe & well. kc
-Kathleen Colihan

Want to say hello. Hope you & Tim, your family & poodle pups are okay. The fire is so frightening. Thinking of you, --Kathleen

Beautiful work Anne!! So nice to meet you this past weekend at ART San Diego!
-Lori Mole 

Such a beautiful site with all those lovely paintings 
-Ann Hoffman

What a pleasure to view your paintings--the colors are brilliantly uplifting!  In My Garden VIII is stunning.  Love the Amaryllis and Cactus Series and Jungfrau I.  
-Caroline Duncan

I love all of your work Anne!  It's been exciting to watch you explore new areas over the years. Can't pick a favorite.

Love your work.  Beautiful...all of it!   Your name was first on google.  Send me a note @
-Carole Sluski, Artist

Love the new website, and your use of color, textures and subject matter really appeals to me senses.
-Dawn Johannesen

Astonishingly exquisite work! 
-Gerry Moore

Fabulous, and.... it is ALL you - the real gal and her artistic talent. Love it.
-susan lankford

Wow!!! Your paintings are amazing!

Just perfect having a place to see some of your beautiful work
-Annie Hoffman

I always love revisiting your work. So beautiful and inspiring. 

Astonishing body of work. Art work.
-Ivan Horvath

I love your art! Where can I purchase? Do you sell on line and ship? Thanks, Dawn
-Dawn Johannesen

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