Early life was filled with music since I was from a musically inclined family. Barely into my twenties , I turned to painting and knew that would be my life's creative endeavor. My first classes were at the McNay Art Institue in San Antonio, Texas, followed by classes with other private instructors to learn specific skills. Eventually I attended the University of Houston and finished my Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting, where I was strongly influenced by John Alexander, James Surles and British pop artist Derek Boshier.

Still lifes, landscapes, arroryas, wetlands, contemporary interpretations of fruit, flowers and the occasional namesake swan have all been subjects through the years motivated by color and musical energy.

When painting still lifes, it is important for the objects to be close at hand to explore the lines and variations of color and shape.

If one visits my space it is evident that the assortments of living flowers or fruits, as well as dried collections have their purpose. My intent is to capture the beauty of nature during the entire life process.



Early as an abstract painter my focus was on musical energy and movement, later moving to still lifes and landscapes varying them from an impressionistic style to a vividly idealized view. In this new series "In My Garden" I am seeking energy and movement of my original work, keeping techniques learned along the way.

My paintings have been hung and featured in the Harris Gallery, Houston, Texas for two decades and in thirty gallery exhibitions over the past thirty years. They also hang in many private and corporate collections.


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